Culligan Bottled Water and Bottleless Coolers

Quality Water Without the Hassle
February Drinking Water Promo
Benefits of the Culligan Bottled Water:
  • Access to high-quality, filtered drinking water whenever you need it
  • Flexible and reliable delivery schedules include pickup and recycling of empty bottles
  • Modern, standalone design allows you to move the cooler with ease
  • Reverse osmosis purification process reduces up to 99 percent of contaminants
  • Patented Culligan Care Cap™ makes bottles essentially spill proof — and bottle changes a breeze
Benefits of a Culligan Bottleless Cooler:
  • Provides endless purified water for your home or workplace in compact designs— countertop and freestanding models available
  • Multistage filtration and mineral enhancing technology balances pH and restores valuable nutrients
  • 24/7 monitoring of system performance and water quality ensures peace of mind
  • Virtually unlimited water supply rids your home or workplace of plastic bottle waste
  • Erases employee liability when it comes to lifting heavy bottles while changing out empties
If you're still relying on ineffective filter pitchers, unappealing water fountains or wasteful individual water bottles, a Culligan water cooler could be the right solution. All bottled and bottleless coolers provide refreshing, high-quality drinking water – plus, they're easy to use and maintain in any setting.
Contact your local water expert to learn about our bottled water delivery options or get a bottleless cooler FREE for seven days!
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